Wednesday, September 26, 2007

ZYGOTE- Pulis Pangkalusugan

Twenty years ago, Enemies were defeated by a brave warrior who fought to save Earth and the rest of the universe. Now that he has gone, the universe is once again threatened by the same force that tried to capture it before -- and a new breed of heroes is needed. Who will fill the shoes of the brave warrior of old? And what new villains are in store for the heroes-to-be?

Don’t miss the adventure that will take you to the far reaches of the universe. ZYGOTE, Pulis Pangkalusugan.

Saturday, September 22, 2007

I Miss My College

So I'm six months away from the end of my college career, and I all I can think about is how much i miss my lifestyle. And I don't mean the parentally funded minimal responsibility way of life that I've grown so accustomed to.

As much as I love college, I hope it's not the best time of my life. It just seems a little sad to think that life peaks at age 22, and you spend the next sixty years missing the days where you and your friends would get drunk, hook up with randoms, and videoke all night.

I miss the hospital stress

I miss the hospital alarm.

I miss my group mates.

I miss my batch mates especially those who didn't make it.

I miss sem breaks. I spent my last one in Tanay. I miss the hallowed halls of the Nursing Lounge, the Riverside of San Jose.

I miss that clean NAL floor-waxed shine, which happens only during school nursing rotations, when your dean forces you to do it while wearing your white uniforms.

I miss those guilty weekends when I kept on editing photos and videos while my classmates are busy with the review.

Now, I'm a teacher I just can't do it again with my students.

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Class Picture

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Welcome to Nursing! The most exasperating career ever invented. It is also the most fulfilling. I can guarantee you intangible rewards that can rarely be matched by any other profession. I can also guarantee that as a nurse:You will never be bored.You will always be frustrated.You will be surrounded by challenges - so much to do and so little time.You will carry immense responsibility with very little authority.You will step into people's lives, and you will make a difference.Some will bless you. Some will curse you.You will see people at their worst - and at their best. You will never cease to be amazed at people's capacity for love, courage and endurance.You will see how life begins and ends.You will experiene resounding triumphs and devastating failures.You will cry a lot. You will laugh a lot.You will know what it is to be human and to be humane.